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Searching for a Roommate at WeRoomies

WeRoomies For Roomies

Easy, fast, and reliable way to find a right roommate with ease !

  • Meet new people and make new friends.

  • Save money on rent, utilities, entertainment, and other costly living expenses.

  • Live happier with the right roomie.

WeRoomies For Employers

Assist your employees in finding a right roommate !

  • Become more than just an employer.

  • Organize events or groups for employees to meet one another to establish comradery, companionship, and friendship.

  • Happy employees mean higher productivity and higher morale.

Roomies For Employers
Room For Rent - WeRoomies

WeRoomies For Renter

Easy way to list your room.

  • List your room out for extra income.

  • Get to know your tenant or roomie before moving in.

  • Review and rate your roomies.