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Finding a roomie can be a fun and exciting experience. After all, you’ve been looking forward to living in your own apartment for quite some time. Although living with a friend or a family member, such as a sibling or a cousin would be an ideal situation, this isn’t always an option for many apartment and roomie-seekers.

The majority of apartment dwellers must find a roomie who is also a complete stranger. As a result, there are a number of safety concerns to consider when looking for a roommate .

Five Simple Safety Measures To Use When Finding A Roommate

  1. Use a Credible Resource. In our digitally driven era today, many apartment seekers and roomie seekers will hit the Internet to look for available apartments and roomies. However, there are some websites and other online resources that are more credible than others. To ensure that you find reputable roomie candidates whom are legitimate, be sure to do your research and only use credible sites and resources to find roomie candidates.

    Additionally, with WeRoomies, you can create an online account and link your account to your social media profiles. Not only does this add credibility to show apartment and roomie seekers that YOU are a real person, you can also connect with potential roomies via social media to make sure that they are credible, too.

  2. Conduct Interviews. Once you post an ad on a credible website or another online source, be sure to conduct interviews. If this seems unnecessary or like overkill, remember that you can never be too careful about whom you choose for a roomie. Your roomie should be someone whom you can trust and whom you can comfortably live with, potentially long term.

    Meet with a roomie candidate in a public place, such as a park or coffee shop. If you aren’t quite ready to meet in person, or if you live too far away from each other, you can also use WeRoomies voice, video, and messaging system to chat together. These available features are not only valuable to apartment and roomie seekers alike, they are also convenient.

    Be sure to have a list of questions to ask him or her before determining if he or she is a good candidate to be your roomie. Remember to also interview more than one person.

  3. Ask for Recommendations. After conducting several interviews, make a small list of the candidates you like best, and then ask them for recommendations. Make sure their recommendations are credible. For example, ask for professional recommendations, such as from a job or mentor and even ask for the names of previous roomies, if your candidate has been a roomie before.

    WeRoomies also offers a review and rating system to enable users to evaluate potential roomies’ reviews and even rate other users whom they have lived with previously. This system provides users with information from REAL people, making it a credible and reliable source for finding roomies.

  4. Avoid Giving Away TOO Much Information. Even if during the interview process you find a roomie whom you can really “jive” with, try to avoid giving away too much personal information, such as your full name and/ or an email address or financial information. For the purpose of finding a roomie, consider setting up a temporary email account to use for candidates rather than the account you use on a regular basis.

    As mentioned above, by using WeRoomies roomie service, users can link their social media profiles and accounts to their WeRoomies accounts in order to evaluate living habits, lifestyles, and to also put a real name with a real person.

  5. Trust Your Gut. All in all, if you interview several roomie candidates, and there are a few that seem qualified or that seem like they would be a good fit based on your criteria, sometimes you just “get that feeling” about someone. If you get the distinct feeling that the person isn’t right, then go with your gut. Nine times out of 10, your gut instincts are right, so learn to trust them.

    WeRoomies provides users with a “window” into other users and potential roomies. Users can look at a user’s photos, profile, reviews and even chat with them to get a feel for a candidate’s personality, lifestyle, and living habits.

Finding a roomie can be fun, but it also can be dangerous, especially if you aren’t detailed or thorough in your search. However, by considering the above steps and following this guide on how to safely find a roomie, your chances of finding someone who is trustworthy and who you can live with comfortably are greater, and your overall security risks are lower. Happy safe roomie hunting!